Bogor Wants New Regency Established

- The Bogor regency administration in West Java is urging the central government to establish a new regency comprising the eastern part of Bogor as the socioeconomic gap in the regency has widened.

“[Poverty] in the east of Bogor is extreme,” Bogor councillor Asep Wahyuwijaya told on Tuesday, echoing Bogor Regent Ade Yasin, who has been pressing for a new regency to be established ever since she has been on the council.

Asep was comparing the wealth gap between Sukamakmur and Gunung Putri subdistricts.

“You can see for yourself. The socioeconomic gap between the two subdistricts is wide,” the Democratic Party politician said, adding that the establishment of a new regency would ease the administration in serving the public in the region.

Seven subdistricts that would be included in the new regency are Jonggol, Cariu, Cileungsi, Tanjungsari, Klapanunggal, Gunungputri and Sukamakmur. Jonggol is expected to be the center of the administration of “East Bogor regency”.

“Bogor regency is large. It has 40 subdistricts. I think it’s obvious [the regency] should be split up,” Asep said.

According to Statistics Indonesia (BPS), the subdistrict with the lowest human development index in the regency is Sukamakmur, which is 51.51 percent. Meanwhile, the subdistrict with highest is Gunung Putri at 80.35 percent. (thejakartapost)

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